This is the list of the feeds I read in Temboz, sorted by decreasing feed signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), where SNR is the proportion of articles in the feed I found noteworthy enough to flag for future reference, weighted as an exponentially decreasing average the same way the UNIX load average is calculated.

Tabletop Whale

Science infographics and animations

Dan Wang

The secure transport of light

Highly Scalable Blog

Articles on Big Data, NoSQL, and Highly Scalable Software Engineering

Bryan Cantrill

Views on software from Bryan Cantrill's deck chair

Dmitry Frank


Tales from a Core File

rm@blog ~ $ rm -rf / ; Robert Mustacchi's Musings on Technology

The Go Programming Language

The Go Programming Language Blog

Jens Gustedt's Blog


brool \brool\ (n.) : a low roar; a deep murmur or humming

Brendan Gregg's Blog

RSS feed for Brendan Gregg's Blog

The Trouble with Tribbles...

Living with IPv6

Notes on life with IPv6 enabled.

Knife Steel Nerds

Metallurgy and Testing of Knives and Steel

Performance Matters

A blog about low-level software and hardware performance.

Russ Cox


Antirez weblog

Description pending

Dean Bubley

Thought-leading wireless industry analysis by high-profile consultant Dean Bubley. Insightful and sometimes acerbic observations on the world of mobile technology - handsets, networks, operator strategies, applications & business models.


Pens and Pencils | Reviews and Data

Matthew Green

Some random thoughts about crypto. Notes from a course I teach. Pictures of my dachshunds.

David Farkas Photography Blog

Industry expert David Farkas talks about photographic equipment and techniques. He reviews the latest gear, from cameras to digital accessories, and shares his opinions on a range of photo and computer-related subjects.

Daniel Abadi

Potaroo blog

A weblog of Internet Technology by Geoff Huston.

OpenBSD Journal

The OpenBSD Community.


Data-Driven Design Insight


Charger, Battery, Cell, Power Bank, Gadgets News And Review

Matt's Hub - Blog

Matt's Hub - Blog


LookIt: (1) a juvenile imperative verb for getting attention. (2) a personal blog by Paul Hoffman.

Frédéric Cambus

Personal site and technical blog of Frederic Cambus

Scott Helme

Security researcher, entrepreneur and international speaker who specialises in web technologies. Creator of and

The Machine Planet

Like the Economist but without the brains, wit, etc.

Marcin Juszkiewicz

Marcin Juszkiewicz

Citus Data Blog

Scaling data and analytics with Postgres

Flipboard Engineering

The official Flipboard engineering blog

Max Barry

News and blather from

Go, the unwritten parts

Recent content on Go, the unwritten parts

ACM Queue

Edmund Ronald's Color News

edmundronald at gmail dot com.

Tom Kemp's Blog

Musings on cybersecurity, privacy, entrepreneurship and what have you

Steven Sinofsky

products, development, management...

Mr. Macintosh

Apple Mac Enterprise IT Blog & macOS News for MacAdmins

The Pelikan's Perch

Where the Flock Comes to Roost

Last Week in AWS

AWS News Sprinkled With Snark

information aesthetics

form follows data - data visualization & visual communication

Armin Ronacher

Recent blog posts

Pangolins with Packs - Medium

A comprehensive backpack review blog for all of life's endeavors - Medium

Positive Technologies - learn and secure

Daring Fireball

Macintosh punditry and curmudgeonry.

Ctrl blog

Ctrl blog

David Rosenthal

I'm David Rosenthal, and this is a place to discuss the work I'm doing in Digital Preservation.

In Security

Chris Siebenmann

Recently changed pages in Chris's Wiki :: blog.

John Resig

Blog, Projects, and Links

JetPens Blog

JetPens Blog

Divergent Dynamics

The Time Has Come

the morning paper

an interesting/influential/important paper from the world of CS every weekday morning, as selected by Adrian Colyer


Articles on Computer Science at Lockless Inc.

TFT Central Reviews and Articles

LCD Monitor Information, Reviews, Guides and News

Alex Kwa

The relentless pursuit of less, but better.

Thom Hogan Z System


This channel features the latest computer hardware related articles.

David Lebovitz

Internetworking perspectives by Ivan Pepelnjak site updates

Changes to the site, of interest or otherwise.

A Suitable Wardrobe

Will's thoughts on dressing with style.

The Citizen Lab

University of Toronto


The speed geek's favorite time of the year

McCann Tech Blog

<p>Networking, Apple, and other nerdy things.</p>

Feed: stratechery by Ben Thompson

by Ben Thompson

Bare Feats Test Lab

Latest Mac Speed Test Results and Analysis

JavaScript, math, maps, etc

The Overrated Photographer

Latest science news covering Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Nanotechnology, Physics, Medicine, and other Deep Stuff.

DPReview articles

All articles from Digital Photography Review

Google Online Security Blog

The latest news and insights from Google on security and safety on the Internet.

Stories by Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Medium

Stories by Nassim Nicholas Taleb on Medium

The 20 latest notebook reviews from

Drew DeVault

Recent content in Blogs on Drew DeVault's blog


The logical open evolution of opensolaris

Townsourced Tech Blog

Recent content on Townsourced Tech Blog

Gemini Planet

Everything you need to know about the Gemini PDA


A site dedicated to an open imaging RAW format standard.

Objective-See's Blog

OS X security :)

Graham King

Solvitas perambulum

Brent Simmons's weblog.

PDN Online Gear

Gear Reviews & Resources for Professional Photographers

Monday Note

Monday Note


A blog about bugs

Mac Performance Guide

Mac Performance Guide: Expert Advice for High Performance Macs

Facebook Code

Meet the engineers who code Facebook

Bruce Momjian: Postgres Blog

Bruce Momjian: Postgres Blog

Guido van Rossum's Weblog

All Things Pythonic

Blog – Cal Newport

Author - Study Hacks

Mozilla Hacks

Thom Hogan SansMirror

Trips of a curious penguin.

Charlie's Diary

Charlie's Diary

Rhodia Drive

Rhodia Drive is a blog about Rhodia notepads, tablets and notebooks, writing accessories, and journaling in general. It features articles, tips, tricks, links on the latest tools, and general notebook-related news items about this orange French notebook with a cult following.


Where audio and video equipment undergoes rigorous objective and subjective tests by our staff, ensuring that marketing slogans aren't the only guidelines for your home theater choices.

Chip Overclock

90% of everything I say is crap. Because 90% of everything is crap. - My Privacy is None of Your Business

Erica Sadun

Where technology meets something or other

The Tao of Mac

Tech Made Simple

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile

Freedom to Tinker

... is your freedom to understand, discuss, repair, and modify the technological devices you own.

Privacy Online News

Online Privacy blog by Private Internet Access VPN. Protect your online privacy.

360 Rumors

360 camera reviews, news, and techniques

The Eclectic Light Company

Macs, painting, and more

Planet PostgreSQL

Planet PostgreSQL

Cool Tools

Here are my recommendations for cool stuff. I include any books, tools, software, videos, maps, gadgets, hardware, websites, or gear that are extraordinarily handy or useful for individual and small groups. The best items are those that open up new p


For fans of the Go Language based static site generator called Hugo. Everything fits in one executable and it is available on many operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and NetBSD.


A review of typefaces and typography books, with occasional commentary on fonts and typographic design.

Idle Words

Dan Luu

Dan Luu

The Perfect Pack

Unbiased reviews, interviews, and content designed to help you on the hunt for the perfect pack.

Craig Mod

Craig Mod - books, interactive works, photography, etc

DPReview reviews

The latest digital camera and digital imaging reviews from Digital Photography Review.

Z IN ASCII - Writing

Writing by Ryan Zezeski

Candy Blog

A blog about candy, things made with sugar, things made with chocolate, you get the idea ... these are my reviews of candy that I've tried recently

The Antiplanner

Dedicated to the sunset of government planning


Server and Workstation Reviews

Dark Matters Chocolate Reviews

Craft Chocolate Reviews and Interviews with Victoria Cooksey

Wireless one

Wireless news+

I, Cringely

Cringely on technology

The Oatmeal

The oatmeal tastes better than stale skittles found under the couch cushions

Daniel Lemire's blog

Daniel Lemire is a computer science professor at the University of Quebec. His research is focused on software performance and indexing. He is a techno-optimist.

arXiv blog

Technology Review exists to promote the understanding of emerging technologies and their impact.

Michael Tsai

Schneier on Security

A weblog covering security and security technology.


Some outright rants from a bunch of infosec practitioners.


World's #1 3D Printing Magazine


Bert Hubert

Code, musings and more


Core77 Rss Feed

The Center Column

An exploration of stability

Rest of World

Reporting Global Tech Stories


Tomasz Tunguz

on Tomasz Tunguz

Erik Bernhardsson

Erik Bernhardsson

Stacey Higginbotham

Internet of Things


Rebirth of audio | News & Reviews


Online Magazine for Fuji X Photographers

Hacker News

Links for the intellectually curious, ranked by readers.


Photography and Technology

Krebs on Security

In-depth security news and investigation

La Jaune et la Rouge

Polytechnique Alumni

Mapping London

Highlighting the best London maps.

Slate Star Codex


Jonas Rask


Tim Kadlec

Recent posts in on Web Performance Consulting |

Tools and Toys

Hand-Picked for Work and Play


Breaking News on Confectionery & Biscuit Processing

InfoSec Handbook

Recent content on InfoSec Handbook – your friendly and open-minded InfoSec community

Ars Technica

The PC enthusiast's resource


Lifestyle and gear guide cut for the modern mountain man.

Secplicity–Security Simplified


Exploring better ways to carry bags, wallets & more.


USB-C devices, news, and information.



Daniel Mitsui, Artist

Please visit also

The Wirecutter

A List of Great Technology

Girl in Fog City

Personal ponderings, pontifications and observations


Recent content on Timac


Fresh hacks every day

Technology & Creativity Blog Feed

Staff from the BBC's online and technology teams talk about BBC Online, BBC iPlayer, BBC Red Button and the BBC's digital services. The blog is reactively moderated. Your host is Jonathan Murphy.

Bless This Stuff

Web Magazine for guys. Men's Style, gadgets, gear, technology, vehicles and more. Stuff we drool about.


A website about London

The Register

Biting the hand that feeds IT

Errata Security

Advanced persistent cybersecurity


Linux Hardware Reviews & News

IEEE Spectrum Online

Spectrum Online is the member publication of the IEEE, the world's leading society for engineering technology, computer engineering, and communications technologies

Data Center Knowledge

News and analysis about data centers, cloud computing, managed hosting and disaster recovery

French Morning London

Le premier site d'actualité pour les Français de Londres

The Gadgeteer

Portals of London

Towards a catalogue of London’s inter-dimensional gateways

James Governor's Monkchips

An industry analyst blog looking at software ecosystems and convergence

Cloudflare Blog

Cloudflare Blog


RTL-SDR (RTL2832U) and software defined radio news and projects. Also featuring Airspy, HackRF, FCD, SDRplay and more.

Percona Database Performance Blog

What is new at

The Setup

The Setup

Thom Hogan News/Views

Vivaldi Blog – Vivaldi Browser

Fast & Fully Customizable Web Browser

Dare Obasanjo

Smoke like a hippie, drink like a pirate and code like a hacker

DocumentSnap Paperless Blog

Learn How To Go Paperless With Easy Document Tips


EV and Tesla News, Green Energy, Ebikes, and more

PetaPixel Additions

New titles added to blog

D. J. Bernstein's personal weblog.


A home devoted to DIY, Photography and Lighting

Thoughts and tutorials about Open Source, BSD and GNU/Linux system administration, and programming - the pragmatic way.

Quanta Magazine

Illuminating science

In the Pipeline

The New Stack

Salt Water New England

A daily perspective on Salt Water New England and its seasons through all original photographs, old and new, and commentary


Gophers of the world unite!


The Latest Tool Reviews, New Tool Previews, Best Tool Picks & Deals Blog

joshua stein

Ming Thein

reframing the world one picture at a time

LensRentals Blog

Photo/video thoughts from the largest rental house

DPReview News

Digital Photography Review, Latest digital camera news, camera reviews, galleries, technology and comparisons.


/r/ManyBaggers is for folks who like all things that are bags. If like bags of any kind this sub is for you! If you have lots of backpacks, purses, wallets, etc and are ashamed to admit it this sub is for you! If like you to constantly talk about bag designs then this sub is for you!

Jonathan Perkin

learn | understand | share


Command Line

Brewster Kahle's Blog

Leica Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review (

The Leica Talk forum, the place to discuss Leica digital cameras, such as the S-system, SL-system, M-system, Leica Q, TL-system, Leica X, D-LUX, V-LUX and Leica C series.

Visual Business Intelligence

A blog by Stephen Few

Blocks and Files

Where Storage Lives


Wholesome SF For all things positive, uplifting, and wholesome about San Francisco, California.


A syndication feed of all the blogs on this system

My EtherealMind

Network design, architecture, thinking, working. Tech.

Atlas Obscura - Latest Articles and Places

New wonders and curiosities added to the Atlas.

Printers and Printing Forum: Digital Photography Review (

The Printers and Printing forum, the place to discuss both home and third party printing.

Gates Notes

The most recently published articles on


Apple news, app reviews, and stories by Federico Viticci and friends.

National Vulnerability Database

This feed contains the most recent CVE cyber vulnerabilities published within the National Vulnerability Database.

Craig Murray

Historian, Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist


Aeon is a magazine of ideas and culture. We publish in-depth essays, incisive articles, and a mix of original and curated videos—free to all.

The Verge


Computer Programming

Hugo News

Recent content in Hugo News on Hugo

Leica News & Rumors

Leica news, before it happens

Marginal Revolution

Small steps toward a much better world.

Nikon Rumors

where there's smoke there's fire

ParisTech Review

ParisTech Review is the online magazine of ParisTech that assesses how technological innovations, as well as major changes in demographics, the climate and natural ressources, will bring sweeping changes to business, the economy, society and individuals.

Hynek Schlawack

Homepage and blog of Hynek Schlawack. Pythonista, Gopher, C hacker, JavaScript dabbler, and speaker from Berlin/Germany.

High Performance Web Sites

Essential knowledge for making your web pages faster.

Better Living Through Design

Better Living Through Design


Turning technology from mumbo-jumbo into rich tasty gumbo

Boing Boing

Eater SF

The San Francisco Restaurant, Bar, and Nightlife Blog

The Outline

It's not for everyone. It's for you

Laughing Squid

underground art and culture from San Francisco and beyond



What Hi-Fi?

Tech news and reviews

Dr Drang

I just said what I said and it was wrong. Or was taken wrong.

Practical insights, tools and resources from leading business thought leaders.

WSJ The Middle Seat

Tracking and unpacking the world of travel


The World's Most Popular Source for Watch Reviews, News & Admiration Since 2007

a goal is a dream with a deadline


HiConsumption delivers all the best in men's lifestyle. Find all the coolest gadgets, automobiles, gear, fashion and more for guys.

Trail of Bits Blog

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Russell Cohen

Recent content on Russell Cohen

Image Sensors World

News and discussions about image sensors



Thomas Pindelski

This journal discusses photography in all its guises with an emphasis on the art of making photographs.

Nikkei Asian Review

Due Diligence

Tim Oren's notes and opinions on technology, venture investing, Silicon Valley, life, the universe and everything.

Om Malik

Fuji Rumors

Fuji digital camera news

Le Figaro


Lifehacks: Uncommon solutions to common problems.


The extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor.

RHD Blog

Insights and news on Red Hat developer tools, platforms and more

Android Developers Blog

An Open Handset Alliance Project.


Uncrate is a web magazine for guys who love stuff. Our team finds the best gadgets, clothes, cars and more so you can blow your rent money easier.

jg's Ramblings

Jim Gettys' ramblings on random topics, and occasional rants.

Self-Hosted Alternatives to Popular Services

A place to share alternatives to popular online services that can be self hosted without giving up privacy or locking you into a service you don't control.

Chaos Manor Musings

Chaos Manor Musings

Light Reading:

Light Reading: Networking the Telecom Industry

Pop Wuping

Brandur Leach

Articles -

Ricoh Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review (

The Ricoh Talk forum, the place to discuss Ricoh digital cameras.


A site about content theft, Plagiarism, and copyright issues on the Web.

Baron Schwartz

flak rss

flak rss India Real Time

Unique analysis and insights from The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires on the daily news in the world's largest democracy

Tom Slee

Occasional badly-informed opinions, worth exactly what you pay for them. Mostly technology and politics with a pseudo-philosophical twist.


Computers make us more productive. Yeah, right. Lifehacker recommends the software downloads and web sites that actually save time. Don't live to geek; geek to live.

r/San Francisco

Cold summers, thick fog, and beautiful views. Welcome to the subreddit for the gorgeous City by the Bay! San Francisco, California, USA.


Planet Pocket Tool

Adventures in Micro Manufacturing with Gadget Fiend and Knifemaker Peter Atwood

Smashing Magazine

we smash you with the information that will make your life easier. really. is a site for Rangefinder Camera enthusiasts

Between the Lines

Between the Lines

Python Insider

Python core development news and information.


News, Pictures, Events and Discussion about London, UK

Reference Home Theater

Home Theater Equipment Reviews


Hodinkee's daily entry of the most interesting and rare watches from around the world.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt — The best new products, every day

New Statesman

Network World Bryan Lunduke


A Guide To Reliable Products

Generation X Finance

Helping a unique generation achieve financial independence.

Polygon - All

Nikon Z Mirrorless Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review (

The Nikon Z Mirrorless Talk forum, the place to discuss Nikon's Z 7 and Z 6 full-frame mirrorless cameras and lenses.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Latest Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comics and news

Adam Leventhal's Weblog

inside the sausage factory

Hacker Noon

how hackers start their afternoons

BitWorking | Joe Gregorio

BitWorking | Joe Gregorio

unethical blogger

Joel on Software

Craig Mod on Medium

Latest posts by Craig Mod on

James Hamilton

James Hamilton's Blog

Guardian Unlimited

Intelligent news and comment throughout the day from The Guardian newspaper

Philip Greenspun

an interesting idea every three months; a posting every day

The Frisc - Medium

The Frisc shares voices and tells stories about our city in flux. - Medium


This week's issues and insights in economics<br /> Edited by Arnold Kling

Gabriel Weinberg's Blog

Startups & stuff...

The latest physics and technology news


###Enterprise Networking Routers, switches and firewalls. Network blogs, news and network management articles. Cisco, Juniper, Brocade and more all welcome.


For practical, durable and quality made products that are made to last.

Brave New Geek

Introspections of a software engineer

Neglected Potential


Welcome to your friendly /r/homelab, where techies and sysadmin from everywhere are welcome to share their labs, projects, builds, etc. Keep the subreddit drama OUT, report it if you see any.

The American Prospect

Fountain Pen, Ink, and Stationery Reviews

The Imaging Resource

The Imaging Resource News page is the best way to stay on top of all the latest in the fast-paced world of digital imaging! Up-to-the-minute news as well as coverage of the latest articles and reviews covering digital imaging hardware and software of all types, professional and amateur. From digital cameras, printers and scanners to the latest image editors and more, we cover it. The IR News page is read by industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. Come check us out today...

Red Dot Forum

Leica News, Reviews and Community

InsideHook Personal Tech

InsideHook | Travel, News, Health & Fashion for Men in New York, LA, SF, Chicago & the Nation


Leica cameras & gear, news, discussion

The Truth About Cars

The Truth About Cars is dedicated to providing candid, unbiased automobile reviews and the latest in auto industry news.


Tim Bray

Die, Workwear!

Die, Workwear! is a menswear blog devoted to the good life. Since starting this blog, I've had the honor of becoming a contributing writer at Put This On ( I do most of my writing there, but Die, Workwear! remains active with things that don't fit in well with Put This On.


The High Performance Reverse Proxy, Load Balancer, Edge Cache, Origin Server

Computer Audiophile

To fill a large gap in the audiophile community. Instead of waiting for traditional sources to cover audiophile grade computer systems in greater detail, we started

Paragon Initiative

The official blog of Paragon Initiative Enterprises.


/r/fountainpens - A community for fountain pen enthusiasts, from the novice to the collector.

Man Bag Solutions for EDC

Slightly obsessed with finding the perfect, non-obtrusive, exactly-what-you-need-but-can-hold-a-bit-more EDC bag . We abhor overstuffed pockets, but don't want the burden of a backpack. We aim to resolve the great Man Purse Conundrum (MPC) -- one bag at a time.


A reddit dedicated to the profession of Computer System Administration.

Xavier Mertens


David Collier-Brown

The site is, but this is my ordinary programming blog, not anything about leafless itself.

bunnie's blog

bunnie's blog

minor emacs wizardry

wherever i put my .emacs, that's my home

blog :: Brent -> [String]

Marginal Guesswork

Allan Schiffman

The Well-Appointed Desk

For the love of paper, pens and office supplies

That grumpy BSD guy

Field notes and occasional musings by Peter on Stuff that happens, from a free software perspective, mainly OpenBSD, FreeBSD.

Max Bruning's weblog

Very occasional tech stuff...

The Daily Viz

By Matt Stiles

Confessions of a Bookplate Junkie

Random thoughts from a passionate bookplate collector.

High Scalability

This site tries to bring together all the lore, art, science, practice, and experience of building scalable websites into one place so you can learn how to build your own website with confidence. Please Start Here.

SmoothSpan Blog

For Executives, Entrepreneurs, and other Digerati who need to know about SaaS and Web 2.0.

Calculator blog

Musings and comments about our common interest

Becks & Posh


Choices in data management and analysis

Photo Rumors

Photography news, before it happens

Big Think

collecting cartographic curiosa

Urban Life Signs

Thoughts on people, cities and moving about.


illumos and storage. Rockets and whitewater. Go figure.

Tony Arcieri

Tony Arcieri

Dave Cheney

The acme of foolishness

G. Willow Wilson

Professional genre-bender, casual gamer, student of religion, author of critically acclaimed books and bestselling comics.

dev2ops: delivering change


Netflix TechBlog - Medium

Learn about Netflix's world class engineering efforts, company culture, product developments and more. - Medium

DPReview Accessories Talk

The Accessories Talk forum, the place to discuss everything from memory cards to tripods to camera bags. Please use the dedicated forums for lens and camera discussions.

Designing Web Interfaces


The Forwarding Plane

Routing, Switching, general security and anything else I decide to write down.

Ben Rockwood

use unix or die.

Put This On

A web series about dressing like a grownup. From Jesse Thorn and Adam Lisagor.

Original research on Internet architecture and regulation.

Kirk's Rants

I code. I used to be super-hardcore in Silicon Valley. I sold out and now live in London working in financial services. Here's where I rant at nobody in particular.

San Francisco Citizen

I've Been Drinking, I've Been Dranking

Everything USB

Everything USB RSS keeps you up-to-date on the latest Wireless USB, USB 2.0 and USB OTG innvoations as well as the weirdest gadgets you never thought possible.

Coding Horror

programming and human factors - Jeff Atwood

Blog O' Matty

Blog O' Matty

Marco Arment

VoIP Watch

All about Voice Over IP, Internet Based Communications and Video.

Rands in Repose

PsPrint Blog

More than just an online printing company, PsPrint is your integrated marketing and direct mail partner. Packages

Latest package releases

hp calculators

anything about those glorious, rpn or not, machines.


Mac OS X and Cocoa programming

The Economist: Business


Hanno's blog


Ask Me Anything


More Photography

Fractals of Change

nothing great has ever been accomplished without irrational exuberance


A networking blog maintained by the community at

SANS Internet Storm Center


RSS feed for the Gulliver Economist blog.


Dave Beazley's mondo computer blog.

A digital daily of things that matter.

Daemonic Dispatches

Musings from Colin Percival

CA Security Council

Advancing Online Security Through Education and Best Practices

Unix Admin Corner

Random thoughts, on Solaris, Linux, IRIX and gasp even the occasional Windows tidbit may weasel its way in.

P1 Labs

P1 Security Labs

Kudelski Security

The Latest News from Research at Kudelski Security

Below All the Turtles

Downstack Technology

Bill Gurley

Benchmark Capital


Per Square Mile

The Economist: International


Word to the Wise

Email, Delivery, Spam and more

Initial Program Load

Initial Program Load


Nate Berkopec

The blog of Nate Berkopec, Ruby on Rails programmer.

What Does This Button Do?

The Adventures of Richard Baguley, technology writer


A blog about code and books

Evan Miller

Evan Miller's News

Transbay Blog

All Things Distributed

Werner Vogels' weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems.

The Perils of Parallel

A blog about multicore, cloud computing, accelerators, Virtual Worlds, and likely other topics, loosely driven by the effective end of Moore's Law. It's also a place to try out topics for my next book.

La Vida Leica! - The Leica Life!

La Vida Leica News Feed


Web Designer's Online Resource

The Economist: The Americas

The Americas

The Baseline Scenario

What happened to the global economy and what we can do about it

Bulles et Onomatopées

Chroniques, critiques et guides sur la BD Franco-Belge, les Comics et Mangas.

Brett Cannon

Python core developer. Tall, snarky Canadian.


The Blog of Scott Aaronson


Research in Mobile and Web Technology

Thom Hogan Gearophile News

Real HD-Audio

Information about the world of high quality audio

Cooking With The Single Guy

Cooking With The Single Guy

Kazuho's Weblog

Jeffrey Friedl's Blog

Not a photo blog, but sometimes I play one on TV

Brendan Gregg

Brendan Gregg's professional blog

Phil Windley

Organizations Usually Get the IT They DeserveSM

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

Making the World a Better Place, One Evil Mad Scientist at a Time

A List Apart

A List Apart Issue 218 updates

Perfectionistic and minimalistic programming.

Terry Chay

You tell that other boy, not to touch the woodwork...

San Francisco Cityscape

Bay Area Urban Planning - Maps, Wallpaper, Photos & Links

Matt Cutts

neat fun stuff

James Fallows :: The Atlantic

James Fallows is a National Correspondent for <em>The Atlantic</em>. A 25-year veteran of the magazine and former speechwriter for Jimmy Carter, he is also an instrument-rated pilot and a onetime program designer at Microsoft.

Aphyr: Posts

Aphyr: Posts

Kurt McKee

Kurt McKee

Aswath Weblog

Musing on telecommunications industry and other sundries

John Beardsworth

Thought-provoking Lightroom advice and training, plug-ins and web galleries, custom solutions

Paul Graham

Articles by Paul Graham


Just another WordPress weblog

Audio Musings by Sean Olive

A blog about the science of sound recording and reproduction

Niall Kennedy's Weblog

Technology, Java, gadget, and search news, with some personal interests thrown in to keep things interesting.

Sam Ruby

It's just data

Rob Pike

Jignesh Shah's Blog

Blog about technologies like PostgreSQL and other Open Source technologies.

Uptown Almanac

Feed of all the lame entries for Uptown Almanac

The Null Device

Brad DeLong

Eric Kerr


A bunch of bytes about nothing

Programming in the 21st Century

Programming in the 21st Century

From Squalor to Baller

Simple style advice for the modern man. Unless noted otherwise, all images and written content are my own.

Jaksprats's Blog

Ramblings of a programmer

The Economist: Europe


The Startup Lawyer

Startup Law, Venture Capital, Securities Law, M&A

Rohdesign Weblog

Mike Rohde's weblog, covers design, mobile computing, travel, cycling, books, music and film.

Ovidiu Predescu's Weblog

Technology ramblings

Nick Johnson

because repeating myself sucks

chpwn blog

Network Heresy

Tales of the network reformation

The Economist: Britain



Everyday Carry, or EDC, generally refers to small items or gadgets worn, carried, or made available in pockets, holsters, or bags on a daily basis to manage common tasks or for use in unexpected situations or emergencies. In a broader sense, it is a lifestyle, discipline, or philosophy of preparedness.

Jonathan Eastland

News & Information from the Ajax News & Feature Service web site

Mike Rundle

Thoughts and tutorials on software interface design for Mac OS X and iPhone.


Raising Geek Generation 2.0


Let's slim down Microsoft into a lean, mean, efficient customer pleasing profit making machine! Mini-Microsoft, Mini-Microsoft, lean-and-mean!

Joel on Software

Painless Software Management


Curated market intelligence

Metroblogging San Francisco

Metroblogging San Francisco

Jeremy Zawodny's blog

Blogging on a platform that doesn't suck

Let it rip

<a href="">Sunay Tripathi's</a> Solaris Networking Weblog

Coding Relic

Random musings on software in an embedded world.

An Inkophile's Blog

Fountain pens, ink, paper and more

Harvest Imaging Blog

Venture Hacks

An entrepreneur's guide to hacking venture capital since Persian calendar year 1386

No Such Weblog

Thomas Roessler's notes on ICANN, the GNSO, the ALAC, and less virtual topics.



A Fistful of Euros

Purity of race does not exist. Europe is a continent of energetic mongrels. - H.A.L. Fisher

Bill Pijewski's Blog

The blog of Bill Pijewski, a member of the Joyent engineering team

Brad Linder's digital home

Exploring the intersection of technology and journalism

You Can Change It Later!

David Marks blog about startups and stuff

japan exposures

a personal introduction to Japanese photography

The Economist: Special report

Special report

Discrete Cosine

A place for the 141st character


Analysis of current economic conditions and policy

Borderlands Books

A blog for Borderlands Books, a Science Fiction specialty bookstore located in San Francisco's Mission District

The Noisy Channel

Brendan Eich

Brendan's Roadmap Updates

Guido van Rossum

Three-Toed Sloth

Slow Takes from the Canopy (and occasional stochastic filtering)

The Economist: United States

United States


The Blog of Atul Varma

The Economist: Asia


Not Invented Here

Life is like a box of chocolates.... fattening and gives me a headache.


Weekly notes on issues related to photoethnography, fieldwork in Japan, classic cameras, digital photography, and other topics related to visual anthropology. Sponsored by

Startup Boy

Truth in Startups, and a Whole Lot Less

Mobile Opportunity

Comments on the tech industry, with a focus on mobile, wireless, & the web

Ian Bicking

Cocoa with Love

Advanced programming tips, tricks and hacks for Mac development in C/Objective-C and Cocoa.

The DAM Show

Helping you organize and preserve photos


anything dealing with *NIX or what ever I want to write about

Wide Awake Developers

An ongoing examination of what it means to be an IT professional in today's world.

The Man in Blue

Distilling fine web design since 1863


Cosma's Notebooks

Chapati Mystery

what is the vertiginous chapati saying to me?

Joy of Tech

The comic about technology and culture, by Nitrozac and Snaggy!


48 hills

San Francisco News Arts & Culture

A Brief Message

200 words or less about design.

A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry

A look at the history of battle in popular culture

Alpine Linux News

Alpine Linux News

Ask San Francisco

Ask Us Anything about San Francisco



audiophile - ohm image

Ω image reviews, commentary, and how-to's, on the state of audiophile nation.


the home of online investigations

Ben Aaronovitch

In which Ben Aaronovitch occasionally writes down things that occur to him despite the fact that he won't get paid for doing it.

Ben Adida

software, security, policy

Borderlands Sponsors


Nonprofit, nonpartisan journalism explaining California's policies and politics


Legal developments involving the internet and new technologies

Charlemagne's notebook

RSS feed for the Charlemagne's notebook Economist blog.

Clear Linux

A subreddit for the Clear Linux distro.

Coda Hale


Our coder's life

Dangerous Prototypes

Open source hardware projects

Dilbert Daily Strip

The Official Dilbert Daily Comic Strip RSS Feed

DPreview latest products

The latest 50 digital imaging products from Digital Photography Review (

Dropbox Blog


A Rural Retreat

geek - ohm image

Gemini PDA by Planet Computers

This subreddit is intended to discuss the Gemini PDA as well as any other related news.

George Gilder


Independent, unencumbered analysis and investigative reporting.

Guido Fawkes

Parliamentary Plots & Conspiracy

Humanist Interface

Information Is Beautiful

Ideas, issues, knowledge, data - visualized!

InsideHook Gear

InsideHook | Travel, News, Health & Fashion for Men in New York, LA, SF, Chicago & the Nation

James Clear

Why tiny gains make a big difference in health and in life.

Jamie Wong

Zero Wind :: Jamie Wong

Jan-Piet Mens

Jan-Piet Mens

Jim Dalrymple

Jim Dalrymple

Jim Waldo's Weblog

Objects, Networks, and Making Things Work

Julia Galef

Laws and Sausages

Latest Laws and Sausages comics and news

Malaak, Angel of Peace

Over a Lebanese comic author's shoulder.

Mike Bostock

Mike Bostock

Mozilla Security Blog

My Diplomatic Life

Real stories you will not believe

New On Netflix USA

RSS feed for new additions over the last 10 days to Netflix USA (100% unofficial!). A project by

Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review (

The Nikon SLR Lens Talk forum, the place to discuss Nikon SLR lenses.

Noise to Signal

Rob Cottingham's cartoon about the social web and how we live online


Northwest Audio & Video Guy

O'Reilly Deal of the Day

Get the latest news on O'Reilly's Deal of the Day

Packing Less

Videos, Reviews, How To Pack Light

Paul Smith, DNC, EveryBlock

Pen Economics


Spreading the Light with flashlight news for everyone

photophile - ohm image

Ω image reviews, commentary, and how-to's, on the state of photophile nation.

Pocket Gamer

Latest Articles from Pocket Gamer. Updated throughout the day, every day.

Potrero View

Serving the Potrero Hill, Dogpatch, Mission Bay, & SOMA neighborhoods since 1970




Questionable Content

The Official QC RSS Feed


The unofficial Aer community on reddit. Aer started in 2014 as a crowdfunding project that combined a gym bag and an office bag into one unique design. Since then, they've grown their collection and stocked their bags at some of the top retailers around the world.


Unofficial community devoted to Alpine Linux, a security-oriented, lightweight Linux distribution based on musl libc and busybox.


A place to discuss bags and other object which we use to carry our stuff around in.


A place to post things you thought you were buying for life, yet they failed anyway. Friends of /r/BuyItForLife


Bookplates, ex-libris and anything related.


The reddit for connoisseurs of good kicks, threads, gadgets, accessories, bling and more for the geared up redditor. We display the best of reddits gear that combine form, function and aesthetics. Get inspired and get geared up.


r/OfficeChairs is a place for all things office chairs. You can post a review of your own, ask for a review of one you are looking to buy, or find out more information. Do you have a chair you want to sell us? Tell us all about it on or sister sub r/OfficeChairsISell


Inkjets, lasers, thermal, commercial and industrial printers. We make printers suck less by promoting printer maintenance, troubleshooting and providing accurate recommendations.

Rajiv Prabkharan

Thoughts on Software Development, from an ex-Hardware Engineer

Reading the China Dream - Blog


Rock Paper Cynic

Comics, music and other stuff by that guy Peter Chiykowski.

Rogue Amoeba

The Rogue Amoeba Blog

root labs rdist

Embedded security, crypto, software protection

All about Realtek RTL2832U based RTL-SDRs

Ryan Finnie

Personal blog for Ryan Finnie



Slow Burn Productions

Geek ephemera: Paper, pens, pencils and productivity apps

Solene's percent %

Sophie Alpert

Sophie Alpert

Technical Musings

Reviews, rants, and misc thoughts on technology. I'm trying to give back to the internet community who's various blogs and forums have given me so much information in the past.

Tether Talk

Resources for Photographers

Text Technologies

Understanding technology ... in both senses of the phrase

The Brads comic

Just another WordPress weblog

The Duo Blog

Duo's Trusted Access platform verifies the identity of your users with two-factor authentication and security health of their devices before they connect to the apps you want them to access.

The Economist: Briefing


The Economist: Leaders


The Economist: The world this week

The world this week

The MountainBorn

Memories of a life less ordinary...

The New Camera

New cameras, Camcorder and DSLR

Thom Hogan Gearophile

Thrillbent » Chapters

Use The Index, Luke! blogs

Willie's World - Willie Brown

Xobs' Blog

Xobs' Blog