I have released version 0.5 of Temboz. This version makes considerable improvements in its tracking of feed changes. Feeds where the GUID is distinct from the link are now handled correctly. Some feeds have a tendency to modify articles and reissue them with a different GUID or link, causing them to appear as duplicates. This is often the case with Reuters and Sun blogs (Sun is now handled as a special case in the feed normalization code). If the optional title-based duplicate detection flag is set on a feed (go into the feed details page from the all feeds view), articles with duplicate titles will not be recorded twice in the database. This is not on by default, as it could cause false positives on some feeds that have recurring titles.

The other big feature in this release is that Temboz now automatically backs up its database nightly, and keeps a configurable number of daily backups (7 by default).

These changes require a data model upgrade. A script is provided to perform the upgrade, as well as another one to reconcile items already recorded where the GUID differs from the link. Upgrade instructions are provided in the UPGRADE file. All users are advised to upgrade.