Acxiom + KeftaI guess it’s official now. Acxiom acquired my company, Kefta, last week. Acxiom is very discreet, but influential company, with a strong technical focus — how many public company CEOs do you know who are listed as inventors on their company’s patents? The other founders and myself came to the conclusion a merger will allow us to serve our customers better, ramp up our sales to capitalize on an exploding market and enhance our infrastructure, something that would have beeen much harder if we stayed independent.

Due to confidentiality reasons, I cannot give much more specifics, but Kefta was my first startup. I thought I would have mixed feelings letting it go (I am staying on board, of course, but in a different role now). That has not turned out to be the case, however. We started in 2000, a mere two months before the bottom fell out of the market, and managed not just to survive, but to recover and thrive. At the moment, I am too excited considering the possibilities to wax nostalgic. There might be a few bumps down the road for this blog as I now have to extricate my personal web presence from Kefta’s machines (my new hosting platform is a Solaris-powered Joyent accelerator).

Update (2007-05-16):

It seems I was acquired again. Once is good fortune, twice is negligence…