Network-capable Epson printers like my new ET-16600 have a web-based user interface that supports HTTPS. You can even upload publicly recognized certificates from Let’s Encrypt et al, unfortunately the only options they offer is a Windows management app (blech) or a manual form.

When you have to upload this every month (that’s when I automatically renew my Let’s Encrypt certificates), this gets old really fast, and strange errors happen if you forget to do so and end up with an expired certificate.

I wrote a quick Python script to automate this (and yes, I am aware of the XKCDs on the subject of runaway automation):

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import requests, html5lib

# update these fields for your environment
URL = ''
USERNAME = 'majid'
PASSWORD = 'your-admin-UI-password-here'
KEYFILE = '/home/majid/web/acme-tiny/epson.key'
CERTFILE = '/home/majid/web/acme-tiny/epson.crt'
CAFILE = '/home/majid/web/acme-tiny/lets-encrypt-r3-cross-signed.pem'

# step 1, authenticate
jar = requests.cookies.RequestsCookieJar()
r =, cookies=jar,
                    'INPUTT_USERNAME': USERNAME,
                    'access': 'https',
                    'INPUTT_PASSWORD': PASSWORD,
                    'INPUTT_ACCSESSMETHOD': 0,
                    'INPUTT_DUMMY': ''
assert r.status_code == 200
jar = r.cookies

# step 2, get the cert update form iframe and its token
r = requests.get(form_url, cookies=jar)
tree = html5lib.parse(r.text, namespaceHTMLElements=False)
data = dict([(f.attrib['name'], f.attrib['value']) for f in
assert 'INPUTT_SETUPTOKEN' in data

# step 3, upload key and certs
data['format'] = 'pem_der'
del data['cert0']
del data['cert1']
del data['cert2']
del data['key']

r =, cookies=jar,
                  files = {
                    'key': open(KEYFILE, 'rb'),
                    'cert0': open(CERTFILE, 'rb'),
                    'cert1': open(CAFILE, 'rb')

assert 'Shutting down' in r.text
print('Epson certificate successfully uploaded to printer.')

Update (2020-12-29):

If you are having problems with the Scan to Email feature, with the singularly unhelpful message “Check your network or WiFi connection”, it may be the Epson does not recognize the new Let’s Encrypt R3 CA certificate. You can address this by importing it in the Web UI, under the “Network Security” tab, then “CA Certificate” menu item on the left. The errors I was seeing in my postfix logs were:

Dec 29 13:30:20 zulfiqar postfix/smtpd[13361]: connect from[]
Dec 29 13:30:20 zulfiqar postfix/smtpd[13361]: SSL_accept error from[]: -1
Dec 29 13:30:20 zulfiqar mail.warn postfix/smtpd[13361]: warning: TLS library problem: error:14094418:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:tlsv1 alert unknown ca:ssl/record/rec_layer_s3.c:1543:SSL alert number 48:
Dec 29 13:30:20 zulfiqar postfix/smtpd[13361]: lost connection after STARTTLS from[]
Dec 29 13:30:20 zulfiqar postfix/smtpd[13361]: disconnect from[] ehlo=1 starttls=0/1 commands=1/2