I am pleased to announce the release of Temboz 0.8.

The main change in this release is its ability to work with either SQLite 2.x or SQLite 3.x. SQLite 3.x is now the recommended version, see the Temboz Wiki for upgrade instructions. SQlite 3.x improves performance, database file sizes and concurrency, but it also introduced a condition where Temboz could deadlock, hence the long incubation time for this release.

Another enhancement is the ability to sort feeds by Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). The default view for the all feeds page will list high-quality feeds with unread articles first. If you are catching up with many articles, it pays to concentrate on the richest lodes of information first, and possibly prune those that no longer provide an adequate level of interesting information..

I have a number of feature requests I received from users or thought up myself. You are welcome to suggest others on the ticket page for Temboz CVStrac.