In France, nuclear power plants follow a standardized design. The end result is that France gets more than 70% of its electricity from nuclear, reducing its dependence on oil or natural gas from the unsavory regimes in Russia or Algeria, and making it a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The lessons from security incidents are also immediately applied to all other plants, leading to higher overall safety. Technicians trained on one plant are qualified for all, leading to more flexibility in managing the workforce.

In the US, each nuclear plant is a one-off, with the results being much higher costs to construct and operate them.

The same situation applies to the by-laws of public companies. Each is hand-crafted. The only beneficiaries of this situation are lawyers and crooked executives who use their mastery of the arcana in by-laws to prevent shareholders from exercising their rights.

Public company rules should be defined by statute, not left to the discretion of executives and their tame boards.