I blog at best once or twice a month on my regular low-intensity blog, which runs my home-grown Mylos software, but am surprising myself by blogging on an almost daily schedule with this WordPress-based blog. Mylos is batch-based: you edit a post, run the script to regenerate the static pages, review, edit and iterate. It takes a minute to regenerate the entire site.

This is a similar effect to using an interpreted language like Python or PHP vs. a compiled language like C or Java. Even though I am more comfortable editing in Emacs (used by Mylos) than in a browser window, the short cycle between edit and preview in WordPress makes for a more satisfying experience and encourages me to blog more freely.

I suspect I will end up importing my Mylos weblog into WordPress, once I figure out how to address some niggling differences in functionality, such as the way images or attachments are handled, and how to use nginx as a caching reverse proxy in front of WordPress for performance reasons.